Fisher River Economic Development Corporation (FRED) operates with a member appointed Board of Directors by Fisher River Cree Nation Chief & Council. The desirable qualifications of FRED board members include a combination of Business Expertise and Skills, Financing, Planning and Accounting, Not limited to; Insurance & Risk Management, Retail & Wholesale, Human Resource Management, General Accounting, Entrepreneurship & Small Business, Treaty Relations, Fishing Industry, and Corporate Structure & Management


Lorne Cochrane has more than 25 years of increasingly responsible managerial and administrative expertise. He is a visionary who focuses on the big picture while recognizing and being cognizant of the building blocks required to attain the final goals and objectives. As a member of the Fisher River Cree Nation, Mr. Cochrane is mindful of the challenges faced by First Nations communities. He uses his expertise to seek out opportunities and explore, develop and implement solutions that are focused on and accepted by the community. Mr. Cochrane is a proven leader and has managed diverse organizations of over 200 employees.

Mr. Cochrane has committed his career to the advancement of First Nations issues both at the grassroots and national levels. He was a former Executive Director of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, where he was responsible for leading significant programs, initiatives and projects such as the Framework Agreement Initiative, Manitoba Association of Native Firefighters, Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre and Human Resource Development Program on behalf of the First Nations leadership of Manitoba.

Prior to joining the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Mr. Cochrane was the Regional Director General and the Associate Regional Director General for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Manitoba Region. Mr. Cochrane has extensive experience and knowledge of First Nations programs and services (band management, social services, human resources, education, community services, economic development, policing, health services, facilities operation and maintenance, etc.), and federal/provincial government legislation, policies and directives. As well as being a member of the Fisher River Cree Nation, Mr. Cochrane has served his community as both Chief and Councillor, and he is ever mindful of the challenges faced by First Nations communities.


Kent is very proud of his First Nations (Ininiwak) roots; his family comes from Fisher River Cree Nation (Ochékiwi Sípí), His spirit name is “Black Wolf – Kakihtéwaw Mahihkan”, a Sundancer and a proud father of 4 girls.  Nicknamed ‘the Bullet’, his hero growing up was Muhammad Ali, and that is what started his interest in the sport. Kent has used sport to guide his path from divorced parents, issues of addiction within his family, and other life challenges.  Through it all he has found strength in himself and has made positive choices that have led him on a healthy and rewarding journey. Since he started boxing with a knockout win in his first bout in 1986, Kent has had over 130 bouts, winning 110 of his matches.  In 2000, Kent became the Canadian National Champion and qualified for the Sydney Olympic Games, but was unable to go.  In 2002, he won a gold medal at the North American Indigenous Games in Winnipeg and became the 2013 Ringside World Masters Champion. Kent is the Head Coach at Stingers Boxing Academy where he trains professional, National and recreational athletes. He currently holds a full level three coaching certificate from the National Coaching Certification Program and is working towards his level 4 certification.   Kent has been the Provincial Head Coach in 2008, 2010, 2011 and also the head coach for Manitoba for the 2011 Canada Winter Games in Halifax, where the team brought back Silver and two Bronze medals. Kent completed his schooling at the University of Manitoba, and currently works for the Southern First Nations Network of Care, as the Director of Human Resources.

Kent believes in melding both his First Nation traditions along with his boxing background into his teaching methods.  Respect is his number one rule and believes in teaching our youth the values of our culture through sport.  He is a tough trainer that knows personally what it takes to be one of the best in the world and is able to pass that teaching onto his students in a passionate and caring way. Kent also believes in giving back to the youth and community and has been a part of the national organization Motivate Canada. He volunteers by being a motivational speaker for the Esteem Team Program, is one of the founders of GEN7 the Aboriginal Role Model Program and started a boxing program in Cross Lake First Nation where he coached a female indigenous youth to become the 2015 Ringside World Champion in Kansas.

Kent currently coaches Former (WBC) and (WBO) World Woman’s Champion, former UFC Fighter and has coached 9 Ringside World Champions, as well as recreational programs for individuals that want to get healthy and learn the sweet science. He is also the Host/Trainer for the TV show Fit First on Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, which had a successful three seasons on air.


Dion Mckay is a proud member of Fisher River Cree Nation. He has been a licensed broker for group insurance and pension plans since attaining his LLQP (Life License Qualification Program) in 2016. In his position as an Account Executive with TIPI Insurance Partners, he brings knowledge and uniqueness of doing business in First Nations to provide best practices and capacity development in the area of group insurance and pension administration.

Prior to working with TIPI Insurance Partners, Dion served as a member of Council for Fisher River Cree Nation for three terms (2009 – 2015). Outside of work Dion enjoys spending his time with his wife and children.


Willy is a Teacher and Commercial Fisherman. Willy has 2 degrees (Bach. of Physical Education/Bach of Education) Graduated from Charles Sinclair High School.

Some Academic Achievements:
2014 U of M faculty of Kinesiology & Rec Management Graduate of the year 2014 U of M Faculty of Kin & Rec Management Valedictorian


Clifford is a member of Fisher River Cree Nation, who grew up in the community. Cliff and his partner Rebecca are parents to 2 sons Atticus and Izaias.

Presently, Clifford is the Director of Lands & Resources for Fisher River Cree Nation.

Professionally Cliff is a Certified Engineering Technologist with over thirteen years experienced in project management, construction engineering and environmental engineering working within both the private and public sectors. Cliff has worked closely with engineers and biologists to negotiate, construct, and deliver a variety of wetland restoration, conservation, highway reconstruction, bridge construction, environmental remediation, as well as housing and subdivision projects.


Chief & Council Liaison (Non-Voting)

Chief & Council Liaison (Non-Voting)

Chief & Council Liaison (Non-Voting)

Chief & Council Liaison (Non-Voting)