Fisher River Economic Development Corp. Board of Directors are open to discuss potential Investments & Joint Ventures to all Interested Persons/Parties.

The FRED Board of Directors look at a potential business with a focus on risk analysis, financial performance and projections and management structure. These are fundamental in evaluating the investment in any existing business or considering a potential partnership interest. As well, the opportunity must be a good fit with the goals of our organization.

We invite interested parties to submit their ideas to our management team for evaluation. In order to evaluate an opportunity we will need a formal business case. Please include all required information and be sure to include your contact information.

Standards we evaluate:

  • Risk

  • Financial documentation

  • Management structure

  • Distribution policy

  • Location

Once we have had an opportunity to evaluate the business we move into the second phase which will include an in-depth study of at least the following information:


  • Executive summary

  • Business plan

  • Three years of audited financial statements

  • Management team resumes

  • Market information

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Financial forecasts and Pro forma financial statements

  • Any relevant information in report format

  • Any current strategic plans, marketing plans, sales plans etc.

  • Awards, Letters of Reference and/or Nominations

  • If a franchise please include summary of franchise agreement