Fisher River Building Supplies is a Hardware/Building material store; In October 2013, Fisher River Cree Nation (FRCN) began investigating the business opportunity available to them through Castle Building Centres Group Ltd. It became quite clear that there exist many advantages that would be made available to FRCN by using the Castle Building Centre model.

The Castle Building Centre’s unique business model has been implemented successfully across the country with approximately 300 members as part of the cooperative buying group. This means a huge competitive advantage for each member due to the buying power that is generated by the group, This advantage would be impossible for a small independent store to obtain.

The Castle Building Centre business model has been used successfully on other First Nations in locations such as Nelson House, MB;

La Range, SK; Spiritwood, SK; Onion Lake, SK; Saddle Lake, AB; Oshwegan,ON; and M’Chigee, ON.

In Fall 2015, the Fisher River Cree Nation & the Fisher River Economic Development Corporation were accepted to become members of the Castle Building Centres Group.


Mervin Murdock – Manager
(204) 645 – 2414
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