Garden Variety

new breed of dispensary discovered in manitoba

What has feathers, a beak, and howls like a wolf? It’s called a Sparwolf and it calls to Manitobans from the cannabis lined walls of Garden Variety.

We are a brand built around industry-shifting and simultaneously approachable cannabis products. We are more than just great product and service—we are a group of forward-thinkers that deliver unexpected experiences with simple, quiet confidence.

We strive to find the magic in ‘every day’ and we bring experiences to our customers that are as comfortable in their simplicity as they are surprising in their humanity.

Garden Variety will open adult-use retail cannabis stores in Manitoba, CA beginning in 2018. Initially, stores will be located in Winnipeg, Brandon and Thompson. In addition, online shopping with home delivery will be available through the website. The company is a partnership of Avana Canada Inc., Fisher River Cree, MediPharm Labs, Native Roots Dispensary. Garden Variety brings more than four years of specific adult-use cannabis retail experience to Manitoba from partner operations in Colorado.

Kim Casey
Garden Variety